Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hay! For Miriam!

For Miriam's birthday, she invited some girlfriends to the barn for a riding lesson and cake. She brought Gracie, Wendy and Hannah as well as her two sisters along to experience "her world". We all traveled together in the big red dog to the farm where the girls met their mounts - Chunky Monkey and Nina and then proceeded to groom and tack them. Robyn took them into the new indoor ring where they each got several turns at riding and sidewalking. I thought the girls did a fantastic job. Even though they'd each only had a handful of experiences with horses they handled themselves well and, for the most part, were able to eventually ride solo. Miriam rode once and then was perfectly content to sit back and watch her friends enjoy themselves. She was so tickled to see them having such a nice time with her friends.

The lesson over, the girls put away their tack, did a little more grooming, turned the horses out and we all sat at the picnic table where we sang happy birthday and enjoyed cake, ice cream and presents. It was a bit nippy outside so that part didn't last too terribly long but I really think all of the girls had a wonderful time and Miriam was thrilled to have the opportunity to provide them with the fun!

I will be adding pictures later but, unfortunately, I forgot my camera and all of our pictures are stuck on Aunt Robyn's digital card.

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