Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Way Cool Answer to Prayer

Several years ago, the wife of one of our bishops shared with the ladies of our church about their ministry in the Philippines. She spoke specifically about the children there and the terrible conditions. She talked about children abandoned in trash heaps and on the streets. The lucky ones were left in places where the parents were sure they would be found and taken to an orphanage. She talked about a difficult political situation and severe poverty which are the source of such atrocities against the children. I came home from that retreat weekend and talked to my children about what I had learned. The story struck a chord in Ben's heart and since then he has faithfully prayed for the children in the Philippines almost every night.

Well, yesterday we got to spend some time with our friends who have 4 children adopted from Korea and just received two Filipino children into their home for a summer adoption program. Hector and Joey will be joining their new family after a brief visit here, a return to the Philippines and then a permanent move back here sometime this Winter! Nobody planned it this way, they weren't exactly looking to adopt again and certainly not from the Philippines! God just spoke to our friends and they responded with joyful obedience. Since this is the family which took us in after the fire, I'm certain Ben's prayers for the children were prayed under their roof at some point. There are still many children in the Philippines in need of loving homes but don't we have an awesome God who hears the prayers of a child and responds in such a way?!

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