Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ben's Calling

At the farm where we do therapeutic riding they are trying to inseminate several of the horses. They do the insemination and then at 16 days they do a sonogram to see if it has "taken". Well, our children were blessed to view one of these sonograms - it was sooo neat to see that little pony zygote on the computer screen - esp when they've been so aware of my own pregnancy this time around. The only thing is that the vet did the sonogram internally and she was up to her armpit in horse bottom getting the wand in there....Well, while everyone else was transfixed on that computer screen, Ben was busy watching the vet. He looked at me and said, "Mom, promise me one thing - just this one thing.." "What's that Ben?" "Promise me I will never be called to do*that*!" I just thought that was so sweet that he was really open to whatever the Lord's calling may be on his life but he could see that there would be some internal struggles if the call went in a particular direction....I'm so glad that our children are learning to see growing up as growing into their call from God.

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