Sunday, July 30, 2006

Here's to Hoping

My Feingold buddies have been following this pregnancy closely and were convinced that yesterday was going to see the birth of Nathan. They announced, they prayed it and they waited for it to happen. So, since yesterday was supposed to *my* day I did a lot of nonsense - walked around to a bunch of stores w/the girls getting birthday presents for our two August birthdays and buying Breyer's (buy one get one free at Superfresh - yahoo!!). I also got myself an eggplant and ate it for supper w/tomato sauce and mozz cheese - yum! That seemed to work. I sufficiently tired myself out, came home and camped out in my chair and let the contractions begin!

Those continued for a few hours and then they stopped so Ben and I walked down to the neighbor's pool on the other side of the neighborhood and took a swim/made a whirlpool. I decided I needed more walking so we took the long way home. About halfway home I got a cramp in my side so bad I couldn't walk anymore and we sat on some tree stumps in someone's yard - we must have been a sight since it was dark by then! I mustered up some more energy and we made it to the next street where we sat in the gutter and I text messaged dh to say please come pick me up!! I waited for my knight in a shining silver Saturn to pick me up but after a few minutes and no response, we decided to try the last leg home. Slowly but surely we made it home. I was BEAT!! We went to sleep and I had contractions all night. Now I'm up sitting in my most comfortable chair and still having contractions which are getting quite a bit stronger...We shall see...Of course, Sunday mornings here are always packed since we are supposed to be at church by 8:30 and usually stay there until 1 or 1:30 (such is the life of a clergy family! lol). So Nathan will have picked the most inopportune time of the week to arrive - figures! By the way, the Bradley way of breathing through these puppies is working much better than all the other labors I've ever had!! I just may make it through this one without the epidural - I hope so!!

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Janis and Ron Perry said...

Congratulations, Tad and Mairs! May the Lord bless little Nathan Lee,and your entire family! I pray His richest blessings upon you, as you endeavor to raise them for the glory and honor of the Lord.