Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Long Silence

Well, I haven't posted here in quite some time, not out of a lack of anything to write about. It's been a long, hard month and I don't have any fun pictures to share or funny stories to relate. There have been several things keeping me from writing and I hope to get back on board this week. Here's the run-down of the past month or so:

WATER - We moved back home Memorial Day weekend and that Friday Fr. Joel took the 4 eldest boys camping as a well-deserved break from the hard work of moving boxes. I glanced down the basement steps on my way to bed at around midnight and saw about 2 inches of standing, muddy water filling the entire basement. What's a pregnant woman to do? I left a message for my husband, prayed a long prayer and went to bed. The water had receded by morning which left us with a layer of mud all over anything new we had just put down there (which happened to include the big boys' bedrooms). The next two weeks we went through monsoon season here and the water clean-up became a daily chore in the basement. Two pumps later and a few wheelbarrows full of dirt and we finally got it under control, just in time for the last week of heavy rains. There is now a major drainage diversion project on the top of the to-do list for the back yard.

SPIRITUAL TURMOIL - Somewhere in there we began to experience some turmoil in our church government. Fr. Joel's presence was required at several lengthy meetings which kept him from home for a period of a few weeks. The end result is that our bishop has resigned from the CEC and our church government is experiencing a period of adjustment and renewal. It has been a confusing time for our clergy, our congregations and for us personally and a lot of time and energy has been spent in the business of reconciling relationships and restoring joy and order to our parish life. We are finally at a point where we can begin to pick up where we left off in the most important business - that of being church to our town and our Neighbors.

PREGNANCY - Well, the final thing keeping me from my blog is the fact that I'm very pregnant and in the midst of all of the above at the same time. God has been so good to grant me a fairly easy and mobile pregnancy. I've been able to be on my hands and knees mopping up muddy floors, unpacking boxes, decorating bedrooms and just restoring our household to some semblance of order, in addition to the day to day tasks of raising up a small army to the glory of God.

I think we're finally stabilizing a bit here, just in time for the birth of Nathan Lee which should be occurring any time between right now and another 2 weeks from now. I just passed my 37 week mark and, as usual, Mr. Baby is measuring big. There have been some off and on contractions but nothing that feels like delivery is imminent. We'll be sure to keep you posted!

JT did get to have a week at River Valley Ranch as a real overnight camper. It was a tremendous experience for him and Heidi did a great job keeping him on his diet so his transition home was pretty smooth.

This past weekend we sent the children off in 4 different directions while Fr. Joel and I took a much-needed weekend away. It was fantastic! God was good to provide each of the children with the perfect situation and He was equally as good to provide Fr. Joel and me with exactly the right experience. We attended a Roman Catholic homeschool conference at the Baltimore Convention Center (I'll save the details for another posting) and got loads of time to spend alone together and to spend some very relaxed time with good friends as well.

It is well with my soul...and I'm glad to be back on the blog!

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