Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Pregnant Pause

Well, just everybody wants to know...when is this baby coming?! And, hey, I'm right up there with them. It just seems I can't convince little Nathan to pack his bags and head south for anything. As of Monday, I was 2 cm dilated, 60% effaced and little guy was still a free floater which means....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING apparently on your 5th go round. I could go from there to delivery in a matter of minutes, hours or weeks and no amount of convincing is going to change his and God's birth schedule.

So I am just praying for the grace to make it through the day every day and praising Him for 8 wonderful children who have learned to go with the flow and pick up the pieces of our lives as I drop them. JT and Ben have become the perfect helpers - they now get breakfast for everyone and come up with a morning play plan before I'm even thinking of getting out of bed. I mostly spend time daydreaming about a bonified *dark*haired child and managing all the random sensations flowing through my body at any given time. Today those happen to be minor contractions and major back pain in addition to Nathan's attempts to scrape off the lining of my uterus with his knees and fingernails.

The most amusing part of this has to be the vivid dreams. Yesterday I layed down for a nap and dreamt that I was napping on Mom's sofa. I awoke to realize that Nathan's head was crowning in spite of a distinct lack of contractions. I desperately tried to get my husband's attention but he just wasn't understanding me and all I could think was, "I'm going to deliver this baby right here and I'm going to get Mom's couch all bloody." At that point I woke up for real and realized it wasn't a crowning head, but a marvelous wedgie causing that sensation....

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