Sunday, December 06, 2009

Feast of St. Nicholas

In Myra you proved yourself to be a priest,
a servant of divine things, O Saint,
for you fulfilled the Gospel of Christ, O holy one.
You gave up your life for your people
and saved the innocent from death.
You have been sanctified
for you were a great guide towards the things of God.
—Antiochian Orthodox

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henriet ferguson said...

A comment from your freak reader from the Netherlands [I found you when I clicked on 'next blog" from a totally different blog]. Ah, now for the comment:
I thought the Netherlands was the original home of St Nicholas traditions! We call him Sinterklaas, he has a black friend Piet who helps him, and he puts presents in shoes! Children get lots of presents, adults get little presents with hilarious rhymes included.
But now I see that the Orthodox community know him very well, and know his saintly side a lot better than the average Dutchman.

PS. I love your child-loving hardworking life. God bless and keep you. Your life is a blessing to many, like Abraham's. That started with a child, too. You are sending quite a few into the future.
Henriet Ferguson, a Dutch protestant greeting an orthodox sister