Saturday, December 12, 2009

Court of Honor

On Thursday evening Pack/Troop 2513 held their court of honor.  This is an awesome troop just for kids with special needs.  Philip is one of the higher functioning kids which helps him feel a real sense of accomplishment when he can take a bit more leadership than he does among a typical peer group.  We can't say enough good about this troop, Gary their scoutmaster, Maria the awesome scout mom and the whole program.  This is one of those blessings we would miss out on if we didn't have children with special needs.  Philip earned his tenderfoot this time around and also some other badges - fishing, Indian lore, reading, selling popcorn and a badge for attending Camp Ware.  Way to go Phlip! 

 Preparing to carry the colors.

   Reciting the scout oath.  The troop is both a cubscout pack and a scout troop so they say both oaths.

 Lighting the candles - one for each part of  the oath.

Receiving his badges from his way awesome scoutmaster, Gary

Carrying the colors out at the close of the ceremony.

A few of his troopmates:

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LucisMomma said...

Congratulations to Philip, and to your lovely dancers. So great about their teacher going into special ed. :)