Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baptismal Liturgy Out-takes

As with most major events, we did have a few things go awry during the Baptismal Liturgy for Faith and Andrea.  I thought I would share our out-takes as well as the solemnity of the Liturgy.  This picture I used in the puppies post was actually taken shortly after the baptisms.  David got a bit close to the camera trying to see what was going on on the other side of the lens and I snapped this shot.  This totally says David to me.

Faith's baptism actually took two tries.  Father Greg began to baptize her and then realized he had neglected to pull up the sleeves of his vestments so he stopped and handed the baby back in order to get himself better prepared.  I have a video of his first attempt cut short.

And these photos are priceless.  The ladies had gotten Faith all dressed in her sweet little gown after the baptism and neglected to remember that her feet would need to remain bare for the chrismation.  So we had to remove the little socks and shoes during the service and then when Alex and Lia sat down with her again they tried to redress her feet.  It seems Alex had forgotten how to use shoes and socks and when I glanced in their direction all I could see was Alex's big hands lost in the folds of gown, his brow furrowed in perplexity, and Lia in hysterics.  I think Pani Chris finally came to his rescue.

In this photo Peggy, Tali's godmother, came to our rescue while we were trying to take a gazillion pictures into which Tali was not invited.  She insisted on crashing the photo party until I finally dumped her into Peggy's lap and begged her to keep Tali occupied.  The last I heard they were looking at an icon of the Hospitality and Tali was gleefully shouting out her favorite phrase, "Eat! Eat!"

I adore our church family.  I love that we have these pictures and memories alongside the more traditional memories of the occasion.  I love that we're all human and in this together and that there are so many hands and hearts willing to love our children.  I love that.