Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy One!

We celebrated Tali's first birthday today. I think her actual birthday was on Thursday but I honestly can't keep the birthdays straight. I usually get them in the right month anyway... The kids shouldn't feel too badly - I can never remember our wedding anniversary either. At any rate, since Tali's birthday fell at some point in the past very busy and chaotic week we chose to put it off until this evening. There wasn't much to it - mostly the cake. We didn't get any presents for the baby who has everything and she did open her gift from Muffy on her actual birthday (which included a way cute hot pink polka dotted skort which she wore for the first time today for all of about 38 minutes before she puked all over it). We have some sort of stomachy thing going around here - a few of the kids have felt a little green about the gills and a few have thrown up a bit. Tali seems to be among the inflicted so her ravioli, soda and cake ended up in a pukey mess on the tray of her high chair but it was still fun to watch her play Pat A Cake and mug for the camera. And, yes, I do have to confess that this Feingold Mom serves her baby Chef Boyardee ravioli in a pinch and it happens to be said baby's favorite food, thus its featured spot in her birthday mess. Ben made her cake and let her lick the spoon as a preview of the tastes to come. She really enjoyed smearing that all over herself - and I was able to score this once-in-a-lifetime cute shot out of that as well which is now featured as part of my blog title. The cake also got more play time than eat time but isn't that what turning one is all about?! She was not, however, so crazy about the hat. And, of course, the dog showed up just in time for her part in the celebration - clean up (or so she hoped).


HeavenlyHome said...

It does look like a happy ONE! (minus the barf!) What a joy to see happy growing smiling MESSY kids! Way to go, Tali!

elizabeth said...

cute!! hope you all feel better soon!

The Parasite said...

Oh, that cake batter picture is so cute!

Happy birthday, Tali!

(love how the new baby's pre-birthmoniker rhymes with Tali--I knew Pali must be a "what do we call her until??" kinda name--our JT was Rosco for a long time)

LucisMomma said...

PS--I gave Luci some Little Debbie cakes for her tea party with daddy--colors and all. She doesn't react to colors as far as I can tell.

PS--Didn't realize my son's screen name was on here! That "Parasite" post was from me. Sorry.

s-p said...

I love stuff like this! (I can't remember my own birthday either). I always tell people with little ones, take a LOT of cute pictures you'll need them when they are 15. LOL!