Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dad Tad the Science Lad

Tad is in charge of science around here and he's a great teacher. He finally found a curriculum he can love and this year he started it with the "juniors" as well. We have our homeschool divided into "juniors" - Miriam, Philip, Ruth, Betsy and JM - and "seniors" - JT and Ben. For the most part school happens in these two groups with some combining of subjects like History with more advanced assignments for the seniors. Often the sub-juniors are so interested they come along for the ride. I thought these pictures of him teaching the junior "class" - and some hangers-on - were fun.


HeavenlyHome said...

love it!!!!
Betsy's face is priceless!!!

Mairs said...

Yeah, it's particularly funny because Betsy loooves Science. So I have no idea why the goofy face - maybe one of her sibs was getting in the way of the