Monday, April 07, 2008

Have you thanked a coach today?

We've been through a lot of coaches in our years of parenting. There's the tball coaches, baseball coaches, soccer coaches, special needs league coaches, lacrosse coaches and gymnastics instructors. We've had homeschooling mom coaches, basketball coaches, Alpine climbing coaches, jumproping coaches and a riding instructor. Currently we have 2 playing tball, 1 playing baseball, 1 playing lacrosse, 2 playing on a special needs soccer program, 7 kids riding horses and about to sign up 3 more for gymnastics. I've always made it my habit when I get those late night emails from coaches with wet field conditions or make up game instructions to send a quick email back with a "thanks for coaching our kids" message. Sometimes they respond with gratitude, sometimes I never hear from them but I feel like it's one small way to "pay it forward". Tad and I just don't have the time to commit to any one team and I certainly don't have the skill to be a coach of anything (except maybe an olympic diaper changing team or the world Special Diets championship) so this is one small way I can spread a little encouragement to the parent who *is* giving their time and energy so my child and his or her teammates can have this team competitive experience. Give it a whirl - be sure to thank your coach today!

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