Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crazy Weather

Typical to MD, the weather has been rapidly cycling from cool to cold to downright hot over the past week and a half. Last week we had temps almost to the 80's which prompted the big Clothing Shift. This is when we pull all of the containers out of the attic and make them vomit clothing all over the upstairs hallway. It's a harrowing time of year, trying to decide just how many of the long sleeved shirts need to hibernate in those boxes and at what point we can narrow down the pants collections and replace them with shorts. Right now all the kids have an eclectic mix of Summer and Winter clothing gracing their drawers and closets. The biggest problem, then, is teaching the kids (particularly the already learning challenged ones) how to gauge the weather. The day after the Clothing Shift the temperature dropped to 50 something and three days later was back into the mid-60's. After another day of low 70's there is a frost warning in the county for tonight. Even Nehemiah has had trouble figuring it all out and yesterday we found him wearing this outfit: No, we're not sure where his pants are but this is not unusual for him. Today David was outside in his bare feet and winter coat. I'll sure be glad when the weather decides to settle down for the season and I can clean up the mess in the hallway and clear the confused aura hovering over the closets, drawers and coat hooks....

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