Monday, September 04, 2006

What's Up With That?!

We had our open house on Saturday and Mom and Dad came in the morning to help me set up. It was great to have their help! We sent Dad and Betsy out to get some flowers for the tables - Dad was the financier and Betsy was the designer. Anyway, apparently, they had quite a conversation while they were out and about. Betsy informed him of her future plans to have 3 children and she also laid out our detailed plan for the school year this year. Apparently, I'm putting them all on the schoolbus so they can go to public school this year. That way I can have some peace and quiet during the day. (I don't think she accounted for the fact that this would still leave 3 of the loudest little people behind in the house with me all day!) Her story was so convincing that Dad came back to the house just waiting for us to drop the news that we'd bagged the whole homeschooling idea. It wasn't until he brought it up with Mom later in the car that they realized she had fed him a whole line of hooey. This is the same child who couldn't decide if she wanted a baby brother or a baby sister so she just announced to everyone at her friend's birthday party over cake and icecream that I was expecting twins - a boy and a girl. When we arrived to pick her up from that party, we got some awfully expectant looks from people waiting for our big, official announcement....Maybe I should just let Betsy manage our home for awhile since she seems to have some strong opinions about how things should go...

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