Monday, September 04, 2006


I don't wanna do it and so I'm procrastinating by writing a post on my blog about not wanting to do it and surfing Steve Irwin obits. What is it? you might be wondering. Well, it involves swearing I hate it so much which is why it's earned itself a nick-name - DFI. It stands for Damn Fire Inventory. So far a 30-something page inventory of every item destroyed in the fire we can think of. The addendum is another 20-something pages of photocopied receipts for items we have since replaced. The inventory has a column for cross-referencing each item on each receipt with each item on the inventory. It represents I-have-no-idea how many hours of my valuable time spent putting the thing together, losing the file on the computer, rebuilding it again and again and now a deadline of September 15th handed down by our insurance adjustor - aka Gene, or sometimes Gene with a similarly unflattering epithet attached to his name....I guess the guy is just doing his job but he could give us a break, for Pete's sake (whoever Pete is). I could probably get just as much of a contents settlement if I just billed him for a couple hundred hours of my time. But we need the money and we are leaving on vacation on Thursday so today is the day I get it seems as monumental a task as building an ark in the middle of a desert - and as futile. But hopefully it will be done before the floodwaters start rising and all the animals will be on board just in time...sigh....

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YSIC, Donna said...

We loved the opportunity to look at your pictures. I do have to comment on the barring Mom from Chuck E. Cheese. I homeschool my children and we go at 9-9:30 a.m. on a weekday. It's awesome. There's usually not another soul in the place until 10-11 a.m. You'll have the place to yourselves and all the noise you hear is generated by your children.
Make sure,though, that public schools are not CLOSED.