Friday, September 08, 2006


We started off our vacation this year with a long weekend in Williamsburg. We stayed at the Govornor's Inn - the first time we'd tried a hotel in a long time. We had two adjoining rooms. The big kids slept in one side and the babies slept on the other side with us. It worked but I wouldn't want to make it a permanent arrangement...We decided to do Jamestown this time around and spent half a day romping around on boats and visiting the settlement there.

Here's the kids on one of the boats. I don't remember the name of them (there are 3 in Jamestown). That's more of a guy thing in our household - anything of a seafaring nature which may be reminiscent of piratey things...

This picture is actually misplaced but I'm too tired to delete it and rearrange the boat was at the museum in Roanoke Island.
The rest of these pictures are from the Jamestown settlement. It was pretty neat - much smaller scale than historic Williamsburg but still had folks dressed up in costume who talked about their homes and their lives.

Davey was born to be a sailor! He fit right nicely into those little berths.
And here's David in Saul's armor...
The kids decided to make armor a family affair. Fr. Joel looks rather dashing in a breastplate and pointy hat, I think!
This was the odd-ball moment of the whole trip. Miriam went from one skinned animal to the next petting the furs and lamenting the poor dead animals. The day we were there they had just stretched a freshly killed deer's skin and left this hoof laying on the ground. Miriam was more than happy to pick it up and play with it (and yes, she did know exactly what it was !)

Ben Bear with the Bear...

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