Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Birthday for Boo Boo

I can never remember if Betsy's birthday is the 20th or the 21st of September but it worked out better this year on the 21st so the 21st it was...

For her date night she chose to take her good buddy Emma to Chuck E. Cheese with her Dad. Apparently, they had a great time and the best part was, I didn't have to go! We had dinner before they went (Macaroni and Cheese) and cake when they got back. Betsy's latest horse craze is a passion for pintos so I fashioned her one out of chocolate cake and, at her request, iced it with lemon icing. She loved it until after she blew out the candles and tasted it. This here is her "That tastes disgusting, Mom" face. Hey, she picked it out!

After cake and icecream Ben had a special activity planned. He spent a lot of time fashioning this pin the rider on the horse game. He had a jockey and a princess and a few other specialized riders as well. The birthday girl pinned her rider closest to the saddle and won the big prize (I'm not sure what that was - candy, I think, from Ben's personal stash).

She brought in her idea of a good haul on the presents - a princess nightgown, a notebook and fun pen, some candy on the diet and a really cute hamster playset from Emma. She woke up to her new bike sitting in the dining room and spent a good part of the day trying that out.
She stopped opening presents long enough to have a birthday chat with Grammy and Tata. Nathan enjoyed the whole party from this angle...


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