Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ruth and Miriam's Dance Recital

Ruth and Miriam had their final dance recital this evening (which also happens to be Tad's birthday - Happy 40th!!). They were so thrilled with their costumes, they had Grammy and Tata in the audience and they had a great time. I wasn't at all thrilled with this dance program at all but it was fun to see the girls get such a kick out of the recital experience. They got to wear real tutus and dance on a big stage - what more could they ask for? Miriam brought me tears with her performance - she is so beautiful and graceful and has come such a long way. Unfortunately I didn't video the first dance they did which was by far the best but this video does show off Miriam's graceful style a bit. She's becoming such a beautiful young lady. It was good to see Ruth really trying at something too and having something to call her own. I think dance is a keeper for both of I'll have to find them a program that fits our goals for them a bit better...

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