Friday, May 15, 2009

Remember This? Friday

Recently I was waxing nostalgic with a friend about these. We now have the automatic one with the freezer bowl that does all the work for you but I have such fond memories of our old wooden bucket (ours was green I think), the metal bowl, the big paddle thingy in the middle and the sound of the ancient motor as it cranked our ice cream. It seems maybe once or a twice a summer Mom would get this out and she would usually make peach ice cream. We all took turns dumping the ice and the salt into the bucket and then clamored for the paddle as soon as it was done. There was always just a little salt that escaped into the ice cream and it seemed we could never quite get a first few bites without a salty taste. YUM!

1 comment:

Lady Anne said...

Wow, you were in the Big Leagues with an electric motor! Our ice cream maker had to be cranked by hand. When it was ready, you had earned it!