Saturday, May 02, 2009

Bragging on the DH

Tad's been competing in the Table Topics category of Toastmasters for the past month or so. He's successfully won two rounds of the competition and today was his big District 18 competition. He took JT and Philip to an old hotel in downtown Baltimore (Mom, it was like being at Hogwart's!) for the big event. JT told him he had nailed it immediately after the competition was over but he had to wait until that evening's award ceremony to get the offical news of First Place. Go Tad!! We're so proud of you! Unfortunately, the table topics competition ends at the District level so this is the end of the road for this season but we're looking forward to his participation in the Humorous Speech competition in the Fall which he could take all the way to the Internationals!


elizabeth said...

congrads! that is really something!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Tad!!!! That is great. I know how much you enjoy that. You make your family proud! Muffy.

Anonymous said...

Tad -

We'll be wiating breathlessly for the next level.