Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nativity Icon Ornaments

Every year I usually let each child pick out an ornament for the tree that will become theirs forever to take to their trees as adults. This year the Christmas budget was a bit low so I managed to find a set of Orthodox shrinky dink icon ornaments. The shrinky dink sheets cost I think $14 and I paid that again for a set of Sharpie markers - which made my ornament total significantly lower than allowing each child a $10 ornament. Anyway, they turned out beautiful and we were all glad we tried this project. They are study enough to last for years and beautiful enough to be cherished for all those years. I have no idea where Ruth got to in these photos and no, I don't know what is on David's face.
Miriam, of course, chose the Theotokos.

JT chose a traditional icon of St. Nicholas.

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