Thursday, August 14, 2008

For a Good Cause

One way we walk out our pro-life convictions is to deny vaccines which incubate in fetal cell tissue. We didn't become aware of this issue until after the older kids had already been through their paces. The two biggest problem vaccines for us are MMR and Chicken Pox. The Measles and Mumps portion of the MMR are fine, it is the Rubella portion which trips up the ethically minded. Fortunately, we have a wonderful pediatrician (see number three) who obliges us in this - I'm not sure if it's out of her own convictions or a serious commitment to serving her patients' needs. At any rate, this wonderful woman actually went through the trouble of ordering the measles and mumps vaccines as separate dosages to administer to our youngest children. Today was the day. Tali had her 2 month check up and everyone from Betsy on down reported to the office for 2 shots - their own contribution to the Pro-life cause being the fear and pain of those needles. To assuage their misgivings, I promised sno-balls as a treat afterwards. Since we are not able to consume the artificial colors and flavors, I had prepared to simply buy cups of shaved ice to take home and add our own flavorings. Waldo, of Waldo's sno-balls was kind enough to give me 12 cups of sno-ball beginnings for $3.00. What a deal! He also said he is working on some all-natural flavors - we'll have to go test those out.

I wanted to take some fun pics of the band-aids and sno-ball consumption (mine was chocolate mango with marshmellow - yum!) but my camera isn't working (boo hoo!!) so you'll just have to imagine the small contribution we all made today to one of our favorite causes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great link. I was just looking for that info before Grace's K check up.


Nivera said...

I have never heard of this before, and I've had my children vaccinated with all of the "normal" vaccines. How on earth could they not tell me about it? How did you find out? And, more importantly, what can we do to let others know? I literally feel sick to my stomach that I carfeully weighed the consequences of some of the vaccines (like chickenpox) and decided to give my children the vaccination, but I never had all of the information.