Thursday, August 07, 2008

Day at the creek

We had a great time today at the creek with our good friends. I always love doing things with Jenifer because even though she only has 3 children, my 10 don't seem to faze her a bit. She has entertained our brood, cooked for them, gone on vacation with them and she still comes back for more! Today we had 3 adults and 17 children (I had 2 extras and she had 1) along at the creek for a picnic and fun in the water.

The big kids spent a lot of time rerouting this stream passage and damming up the sides to make it go faster. This involved a lot of rock hauling and when they were done they had a great little fast track for their inner tube (and don't tell them that they happened to learn some things about Physics along the way).

They also enjoyed catching fishies
swimming like a fishy
playing on the playground
floatingand exploring

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