Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Farm Fair

We made it to the farm fair on Sunday. It's been a year or two since we've attempted to take the whole crew but they all love it so much and where else can we get a day's entertainment for our whole family for under $40? That included snowballs for everyone which we just ordered without flavor and let everyone cool down on the plain ice. I wish I'd remembered that little perk - I would have brought some soda along to put in them! They always have a tent set up with kids games. The kids had a good time running around playing all the games and winning little plastic prizes. Philip and Ben collected a whole team's worth of plastic baseball players which Ben then used to devise his own baseball role playing game. The girls all got their faces painted but I was too busy running around with kids and strollers to get a whole lot of pictures. There were a bunch of inflatable fun things. Nate had a blast on the Moon Bounce and the big boys enjoyed this Bungee Cord Thingy. We had Nicholas along for the fun. They all watched the pig races while I nursed the baby and we checked out our friends' produce entries. All told, it was a fun (but tiring) day.

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