Monday, June 18, 2007

Under the Big Top

I got to go to my first ever circus! Muff called Adora while Ben and I were in Kansas City and asked her to check with me about treating the whole crew to a one ring circus. Checking with me went right by Adora and she immediately assured Muff that of course we would all go! What great fun! All the cousins were there - except Maegan who was working at the Cow. We got there nice and early as we were all so excited to be there. We were first in line for the camel rides - I pulled the old, "I never got to go to Disney World so can I ride on a camel, Dad" blink the eyelashes and smile trick. I was the first one on the camel...

It was poorly attended and hot as you-know-where since it was the first show of the run and the afternoon of the first day off school. So we had front row seats and spent our time pouring water on each other to cool off. My personal favorite moment was the clown who came out in his underwear as his pants chased chased his pants...around the ring. What a hoot! There were Chinese acrobats and a contortionist and a dog and pony show and elephants and camels and a clown and a trapeze act, fun, fun, fun!! Which reminds me, for those who don't know it Ringling Brothers Circus (which this wasn't) figures every kid should get to go to the circus at least once in their lives so they give a free ticket to every kid under a year old. Just go to their website and sign up your newborn and they'll send a ticket to you in the mail good for anytime in the life of your child and, yes, they do have a provision for adopted children too! Anywho, here's the two pics I got off my cellphone. I'm sorry I didn't have my camera but it got to pouring down rain anyway so maybe we're better off that way...
Miriam, Ruth and Addison on the camel:

J ohn Michael (second from front) and David (behind JM) on the elephant in the big ring:

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