Thursday, June 21, 2007

Philip's Garden

What started out as a homeschool project is turning into a what looks like a nice surplus of vegetables for our summer eating. Philip took on the management of this garden plot and has really impressed me with his diligence and passion for the project. He and the girls spent many hours digging up the plot out of a grassy spot in the yard. They turned the whole plot over no less than 4 or 5 times. Then Philip planted some seeds that a farmer friend of his passed on to him - he has watermelon at one end and pumpkins at the other. The rest we planted as seedlings - zucchini (you can see the beautiful yellow flowers), one tomato plant towering over the rest in the back left of the garden, some more watermelons of a different variety, yellow squash, green peppers and a few more I know I'm forgetting. We were limited to whatever seedlings the farm we visited had as I was only making one farm trip with 12 people so, while it would have been nice to plant some peas or beans, it just didn't happen this year. He's been out there watering daily. Miriam planted some broccoli in the front yard (so some people have flowers bordering their front walk, we have broccoli...d'you have a problem with that?!) and JM and the other girls planted sweet potatoes. I'll let you know how things grow...

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Sally Kalbach said...

Good job Klopcic farmers and "farmerettes." Philip, I'm really impressed that you are remembering the watering detail. It is so-o-o dry this summer.