Thursday, June 21, 2007


I was hanging out my bedroom window the other day listening in on a conversation between JT and his sisters. They didn't know I was listening and the whole thing provided me with some small level of amusement as I witnessed JT trying to make sense of these critters he calls sisters. The conversation went something like this:

Ruth, Betsy and Miriam sitting in the grass when JT comes by.

JT: Whatcha doin'?

Betsy: Making grass wreaths.

JT: What are they for?

Betsy: We're going to give them to the poor people.

JT (after a long, thoughtful pause): How many poor people do you know?

Ruth: Twelve.

Miriam: Eight.

JT: Oh. (He looked perplexed, opened his mouth to say something, then stopped and walked over to Philip who was watering his garden) Hey Philip, they're making grass wreaths for the poor people.

I didn't hear Philip's response but then I saw JT sort of shrug his shoulders and wander off in a different direction. The whole thing was particularly joyous for me to witness since JT didn't make a single derogatory comment. He was really just trying to figure it all out. Now I *know* he's making progress.

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