Saturday, April 21, 2007


The girls have started t-ball. They are all on the same 5/6 league team. I figured Miriam would be happiest playing with her sisters and she is really enjoying it. They are the only 3 girls on the team, towering over their male 5 and 6 year teammates. I think they have decided the best thing about t-ball is wearing UNIFORMS! They love those matching orange socks and clunky shoes...

Betsy at bat. Her first swing at the ball only clipped the top third of the tee - pretty good, huh?!

Ruth's idea of playing 2nd base. She learned this technique from her teammates and then actually improved upon their methods. You might note that she is in an upright standing position and there is no dirt pouring out of her glove!

Miriam in the outfield is another step in the right direction. She is actually watching...well, something.

I'd say I'll keep you posted about their standings this season but they don't exactly keep score in this league. They get as many swings as they need, no walks or outs and when they hit 5 runs it's time to move on in the inning. You gotta start somewhere and I forgot how much fun this league is to watch!

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