Sunday, April 15, 2007

In praise of A Little Cow Music

My brother-in-law has done it again. Alden has come out with his second self-produced album of children's songs and this one is fantastic! He struck a deal with the local dairy stand which sports a large fiberglass cow in the front. He would write a song just for the dairy stand and they would play it on endless loop and sell his CD's at the counter. It's a wonderful marriage of music, ice cream and plain silliness. His tunes are so singable I've been singing them in my nauseum...I actually have video of David sitting on his potty singing:

My Mommy's a pirate
oh what can I say!
She's out on the high seas
almost every day
She may be a scoundrel
and a flea biting scum
but I still love her
because she's my Mum!

The actual words are "sea-going bum" but we all know by now that David has his own take on life. My favorite moment with the album though was the day I was driving down the road talking to Alden on my cell phone at the very moment his voice was belting out:

Blah Blah talking
at the wheel or when she's walking
We need towing
oh please watch where you're going mom was talking on her cellular phone

The almost Twain-esque social commentary found in songs like Video Games All Day and Daddy's Got a Tattoo is completely lost on Philip who does a very funny muppet-like dance as he hears video sounds ringing in his head and dreams of the day when he can actually play video games all day. As far as he's concerned, Uncle Alden is his biggest ally in the video game war he's waging with his mum (in which she really does seem to him to act remarkably like a vicious pirate).

All 3 of the big boys suddenly take on that competitive edge around their eyeballs when the title song comes along. Each one is mysteriously compelled to become the first one able to recite every word of the long list of ice cream flavors and add-ins with the same remarkable speed with which Alden plays and sings. Listening to that song always creates a frenzy of competition with lips flying and ears glued to the speakers. We can never play that one just once - we have to repeat it again and again in hopes of increasing the number of words per second escaping from their lips at each go 'round.

Oh, I could go on and on about this album. We love everything about it. But for now I'll stop here and post his website as soon as he gets it up. That way you too can do what we do - buy 10 copies at a time and hand them out to every poor kid who invites one of our brood to their birthday party....

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