Monday, April 02, 2007

A Day in the Life


8:15 AM Fr. Joel arises and rouses JT for his first lacrosse game

8:30 Fr. Joel leaves the house, drives Adora to the college and gets JT to the field
Mary rouses herself out of bed and showers

8:45 Both babies are being fed while the rest of the crew forages for breakfast

9:00 Mary gets 9 children in the van and they travel to cheer on JT's game

9:15 Mary circles the parking lot looking for a place to beach the big, red dog. Fr. Joel jogs up from the field, unloads the van (2 babies in the double stroller, a couple of toddlers and a gaggle of older children) and rescues Mary from Parking

10:30 The game over (we Won!), the family splits up between two vehicles and heads home

10:45 Mary throws together a snack, distributes two pieces of cheese to each child for a road snack and everyone re-shoes and heads back into the van

11:15 We're off for an hour drive to the day's entertainment

12:15 We arrive at the UPS Millenium Celebration. Back out comes the double stroller, an umbrella stroller for one toddler while the other perches on Daddy's head and the gaggle of older children follow along. 12:15 - 2:15 A couple of hours of fun involving posing next to Dale Jarret's 44 car, making UPS paper airplanes and a painful wait for the balloon sculpturers to craft something for 4 out of 10 children. Mary takes 12 meals tickets, JM and JT into the free food line where she scavenges for something on the family Diet. The three make it out with 9 plain slabs of hamburger, 5 bags of Utz pretzels, 4 bags of Utz potato chips, 3 sodas and a bottle of water.

2:30 The family travels the hour home while snacking on slabs of beef, pretzels, lollipops and water

3:30 We are greeted in our lawn by a neighbor bearing a chain saw. Said neighbor agrees to cut down anything resembling a bush he can find around the house while Fr. Joel strikes up a deal with his son - hard labor filling holes with dirt in exchange for a computer upgrade.

3:35 Mary showers and dresses for the evening. Fr. Joel heads off to Lowe's, taking the van and leaving the chain-saw weilding neighbor, his dirt-digging son and Adora spoon-feeding two babies.

3:36 Mary runs out the door to leave for a charity event and realizes her purse is in the Van...drives to Lowe's, fetches the purse and drives on to said charity event

4:30 Mary arrives at charity event where she spends the next 6 hours on her feet (in heels - bad choice!) convincing people to donate money so her children can continue to ride horses for another year. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Fr. Joel plants some grass seed and checks off a few projects from his "Honey Do" list

6:30 - ?? Fr. Joel and Adora feed, bath and jammy 10 children, get them to bed

10:30 pm - Mary arrives home to find Ruth reeling in sickle cell pain. A series of text messages on the ride home kept her up to date on the treatment given so far. Fr. Joel gets a call from Fr. Rob who has been stricken with the plague and asks Fr. Joel to take over his sermon slot tomorrow.

11:00 - The sickle cell vigil begins as does the sermon preparation. A call is placed to the hematologist who agrees to allow us to handle the pain management at home.

2:45 am - Ruth is finally settled and sleeping, sermon and Sunday School lesson are almost prepared

3:00 am - Both make it to bed

5:30 am - Nathan awakes and is nursed, Ruth gets more pain meds

8:15 am - Fr. Joel awakes and realizes he is an hour late in getting up. He heads for the shower while Mary rallies the troops

8:30 am - Fr. Joel and 3 children make it out the door to church

8:45 am - Mary and the remaining members of the household make it out the door (Note: that's 13 people dressed for church, fed and out the door in half an hour! I think that's a new record for us!)

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