Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Kid Pics

This is JT standing on a horse with Philip kneeling in front of him. I don't know what took more practice - for the boys to learn this vault or me to stop worrying about it! At least the horse wasn't moving...this time.

And this is David demonstrating his best skill - not doing whatever it is anybody wants him to be doing.

Here is Betsy in costume for today's show. Fortunately (Oops! Did I say that?!) the show never happened and I was just blessed with the costume parade.

Here is John Michael dressed for the show that never happened. Who can resist that face?! more of John Michael. All the bigs were going outside and JM wanted to join them. I told him he needed to take off his jammies and get his coat on first. So...he took off his jammies and put on his coat (upside down I might add).

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