Sunday, March 07, 2010


Trying to get everyone to confession before Pascha is a bit of a challenge.  So last evening I took JT, Ben, Ruth and David to Vespers.  David is very interested in singing in the choir so on lightly attended services, I pull up a chair for him to stand on, put him in front of a music stand and whisper the words in his ear so he can follow along.  That worked for a while until he started to lose ground and looked at me with little pleading eyes and said, "Mom, Miss. Peggy is going too fast!"

After the service, Ben, JT and Ruth moved over to the other side to indicate to Father they wanted him to hear their confessions.  Not wanting to be left out, David followed along and sat right in line with them.  A few of us smiled at him which made him realize he might not be doing what he was supposed to be doing so he came back over to me and asked, "Mom, what is confession?"  After I explained it to him he answered with, "Oh, I think I'm not tall enough for that" and went along his merry way.

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elizabeth said...

how sweet! sounds like a really good kid! blessed rest of Lent to you and your family!