Sunday, November 22, 2009

Presenting the Newly Illumined Catherine and Natalie

We had a beautiful Baptismal Liturgy this morning to welcome Andrea and Faith into the Family of God.  Andrea took St. Catherine as her saint after her own middle name, Kathryn and we gave St. Natalie charge over Faith.  In the Orthodox tradition, they will now use these names as their Christian names, particularly when participating in the sacraments.  The liturgy was a bit unique as Fr. Greg wanted to revive the older tradition of the Baptismal Liturgy in which the baptism and chrismation are integrated into the Divine Liturgy.  It was absolutely wonderful - so much more organic in the prayers and flow of the liturgy and sacraments.

I adjure you by the Living God, Who has shown forth the Tree of Life, and posted the Cherubim, and the flaming sword that turns about to guard this: be rebuked, and depart, for I forbid you, through Him that walks on the waves of the sea as upon the dry land, Who forbade the storm of the winds, Whose glance dries up the deep, and Whose threatenings melt the mountains; for it is He Himself that now forbids you through us. Be afraid, and depart, and absent yourself from this creature, and come not back, neither hide yourself in him (her), nor encounter him (her), nor influence him (her) either by night or by day, nor in the morning or at noon; but get you hence to your own Tartarus, until the appointed day of Judgment.

Drive out from her every evil and unclean spirit, hiding and lurking in her heart.  The spirit of error, the spirit of evil, the spirit of idolatry and of all covetousness that works according to the teaching of the devil. Make her a reason-endowed sheep of the holy Flock of Your Christ, and honorable member of Your Church, a hallowed vessel, a child of Light, and heir of Your Kingdom.

That this water may be hallowed by the might, and operation, and descent of the Holy Spirit; let us pray to the Lord.
That there may be sent down upon it the Grace of Redemption, the blessing of the Jordan; let us pray to the Lord.
That there may come down upon this water the cleansing operation of the Supersubstantial Trinity; let us pray to the Lord.

But do You, O Master of All, declare this water to be water of redemption, water of sanctification, a cleansing of flesh and spirit, a loosing of bonds, a forgiveness of sins, an illumination of soul, a laver of regeneration, a renewal of the spirit, a gift of sonship, a garment of incorruption, a fountain of life.

do You Yourself bless this Oil by the power (+) and operation (+) and descent of the Holy Spirit (+) that it may become an anointing of incorruption, a shield of righteousness, a renewal of soul and body, and averting of every operation of the devil, to the removal of all evils from them that are anointed with it in faith, or that are partakers of it.

The servant of God is baptized in the Name of the Father. Amen. And of the Son, Amen. And of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

A robe of divine light bestow upon me, O You that for vesture array Yourself with Light; and bestow many mercies, O Christ our God, who are plenteous in mercy.

The servant of God is anointed with the Oil of Gladness, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

For healing of soul and body

For the hearing of Faith

That she may walk in the paths of Your commandments

Your hands have made me, and fashioned me


As many of you as have been baptized into Christ, have put on Christ. Alleluia

The Reading from the Holy Gospel

First Holy Eucharist

Glory, bless (+) this Your servant, who is come now to make offering the firstlings of hair shorn from her head


HeavenlyHome said...

Congratulations on a lovely special day!!

DebD said...

Congratulation and many years to the newly illumined. I recognize Andrea's godmother from the retreat yesterday.

elizabeth said...

beautiful! Many Years!

Maria said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Many Years!

Ginny's Blogs said...

Thank you for posting these- it was wonderful to see the photos in video since we couldn't be there in person. May God grant Andrea and Faith many, many blessed years!!!

Fr. Anthony Perkins said...

Congratulations and Many Years!
These are wonderful pictures - thank you for posting them. We really enjoyed visiting your parish a few week's ago during Fr. Dn. Charles' ordination.
God bless,
fr anthony

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