Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Photos

On Tuesday we read about the Taj Mahal in our history book while the kids all colored pictures of it.  I happened to ask Andrea if she had ever seen it and, rather surprisingly, she began to describe it to all of us.  Apparently her original adoptive parents took her to see the sights before they brought her home to the states in 2004.  I rifled through my CD's for the one containing pictures of Andrea given to me by her adoptive parents and lo and behold I found a series of pictures of Andrea standing in front of the Taj Mahal!  I just didn't know what they were when I first looked at them but was thrilled I remembered to give them another look.  She does look a bit lost and confused in these pictures - I can't imagine what was going through her mind at the time.  She later told her adoptive parents that she thought her dad had actually come to India to take her back to the United States as his bride!  She's come a long way since these early pictures of her were taken. At any rate, how cool is it that my daughter has seen the sights from our history book half a world away and I didn't even know it?

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