Friday, September 04, 2009

Presenting a Betsy Moment

Betsy has always been a bear of her own mind and lately she's had some moments which could truly top the "blonde" scale. Our evening chores are arranged around "jurisdictions" with each child assigned a part of the house to tidy. Ben and Betsy are responsible for clearing and wiping the dining room table, sweeping the floor and wiping the baby goo off the floor - no small task. The other evening Betsy was working alone in the dining room and I inquired after Ben's whereabouts to which Betsy brightened and announced,

Mom, I made a great deal with Ben!

What's that Bets?

I'm going to do the whole jurisdiction and then give him 5 pennies to build something really cool with my legos!

Ok, Bets...sooooo.... you do all the work while Ben gets paid to play with your legos?

She paused for a long moment and then deflated a bit and said, "Oh."

I thought she had learned her lesson until last evening she was again doing the whole job on her own. When asked about it she said

Well, I made a better deal with Ben this time.

And what's that?

This time I get to watch him build with my legos!

Uh huh....

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elizabeth said...

Uh huh.

Sounds like something a brother would say!

well... one thing at a time...