Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Photo

In preparation for Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary party (yet to be blogged...I got a back log!) our family prepared a singing act modeled after a singing act Mom, Dad, Heidi, Beth and I had done as kids. We called ourselves Sarge and the Goldbricks as Dad had earned the name Sarge from all of his confirmation students through the years. For the original act, we all donned Dad's army fatigues and sang a few favorite tunes for the church's rendition of the old Gong Show (remember that?!). So, in honor of the big 50th, Tad and I dressed all of our children in fatigues and sang the same songs. Our original vision had JM and David sharing the same pair of pants since we were shy a few pairs. That idea fell as flat as they did every time they tried to stand up and sing but we did manage to snap this photo before we scrapped the whole deal.

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