Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dancing Girls

Miriam and Ruth started dance class tonight. They've tried so many other things - t-ball, gymnastics, soccer - and we just have yet to find their "thing" but I think ballet may be IT. They so enjoyed going to the dance store today and getting their new ballet slippers and leotards. They felt like little princesses getting ready for class. After class they were able to show me 1st and 2nd position (I think - what do I know about ballet?!) and they managed to look graceful and smiley. Miriam is starting to look like such a young lady these days, don't ya think?! (Sorry 'bout the pic - still limited to my cellphone camera...)


Jennifer Merkel said...

Yes Mary,
A couple of pretty girls!
Miriam is so lovely, and how she is growing up! I remember....

LucisMomma said...

Miriam and Ruth--you are gorgeous! Can't wait to see you in a video on mom's blog!