Friday, July 04, 2008

Voice Recital

Philip and Ruth have worked hard through a six-week vocal workshop directed by their homeschool choir director and arranged just for them. With the assistance of a grant from the ARC, Catherine designed a workshop just for the two of them, targeting their individual talents and needs. Philip was working mostly on diction and articulation with the hopes that his efforts would carry over into his daily speech as well. Ruth was working on developing her pitch which is why Catherine chose some very challenging pieces for her. Both of them have a lot of raw singing talent and it was fun to watch them excel at this. Catherine did a fantastic job (as usual) at directing them and bringing out their best. In fact, we're hoping to be able to repeat this process again during the school year. Last Saturday, the workshop culminated in a mini-recital in our dining room. We had a few guests, Philip and Ruth each presented the three pieces upon which they had been working and then we ended with a little reception. It was great fun and I was so proud of them. Here is Ruth singing Gary, Indiana from Music Man. Catherine chose two of her pieces and allowed Ruth to choose this one:

Here is Philip singing I Don't Want to Grow Up from Peter Pan. It was the perfect song for him! He was so cute singing it.


Anonymous said...

Super job, Ruth and Philip. I look forward to hearing more songs from you. Singing is a very special talent and TaTa and I enjoy it very much. We are proud of you.

Grammy and TaTa

Jennifer Merkel said...

Oh Mary!
That was so sweet I almost cried!
What a fantastic idea!
"Gary Indiana" is one tough song.
An Philip has the most beautiful voice...
Thanks so much for sharing and tell Catherine we are so impressed!

Anonymous said...

Wow...even better than I remembered! What a fabulous job!
I am proud to be your teacher!

LucisMomma said...

Mary, they are precious! I think you have a couple of good candidates for musical productions! (you have enough now to do Cheaper by the Dozen!)

I love Ruth's sweet, clear voice. Philip, your voice is right on the notes every time! I love that song!