Friday, August 10, 2007

Davey is Three!

It was awfully nice of David to come into the world on my grandmother's birthday. It does make it infinitely easier for me to remember the date (unlike JM and Betsy whose dates will be forever confused in my mind - one is the 20th and one is the 21st but which, oh which, is which?!). Since three is an odd number David has to wait until next year for his big party but he didn't seem to notice that the 13 other people sitting around the table (his big brother's happened to have a friend over) were mostly family. Fortunately, every night is a party when you look at it that way.

He wanted a chocolate chip cake with chocolate icing. I wasn't impressed with the cake recipe I dug up off of but he seemed to enjoy it. We made him his very own cake to have and destroy which he did well. He also asked for Adora's homemade mac and cheese which she dutifully made for him , only to put it on his plate and have him wail, "I didn't waaaaaant noodles and cheeeeeeeeeeeeese!!" So much for dinner. The highlight of the food was probably the individual cup of Ben & Jerry's ice cream I gave him out of my own personal secret freezer stash - talk about making sacrifices for my children! He loved the little plastic spoon that comes embedded in the lid. He raked in some fun gifts - 2 bags of Utz potato chips, a car set from Adora, a set of stomp rockets, a Cars movie lego Duplo set (could John Michael *be* more jealous?!), a construction book and some clothes from Grammy. The stomp rockets have been a huge hit.

Happy Three Davey!

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