Tuesday, March 13, 2007

In Defense of Icecream

When I was a kid one of my favorite family times was Sunday evenings. We always had icecream for dinner and we got to watch tv (a rare event) while we ate it at the "stack tables". We always watched the Muppet Show (my sister went on to become a professional puppeteer for a season..) and Marlin Perkins' Wild Kingdom (thought it was soo cool when my dad got to have dinner with him one night on a business trip in Vegas! lol).

So...fast forward to many years later with our own family I've decided to keep up the tradition and no one is complaining. Since we follow Feingold strictly, we can only have Breyer's icecream which is $$$ so I watch for sales and stock up when it's Buy 1/Get 1 Free. We have a freezer full of Breyer's most of the time. We make homemade chocolate fudge sauce and sometimes homemade whipped cream and pile it high! The really neat thing is that we've been able to use it for some great fellowship. Since my dh is an associate pastor at our church, we often will invite different church families over on Sunday evenings for "dinner". It is sooo easy and it's been such a blessing. Just tonight we had our neighbors over who have 4 kids and we didn't even notice the extra mouths and we got to have a long overdue grown up conversation with the parents.

I occasionally have a small niggling guilt about one thing. My mom would have icecream for supper because *her* time for hospitality and fellowship was always the afternoon meal after church. She would put on a big roast and invite folks over for a meal after church. So we always had a nice, big healthy meal at lunchtime (not to mention got to hang out with some really neat people over the years). The lunch tradition at our house, however, is "bunny noodles" with cut-up hotdogs which dh always makes (and which I call Dude Food - yuck!). So, not so healthy or substantial but...oh well, I'm over it! And that's my 2 cents about Icecream For Dinner. I wouldn't call that being a bad mom - I would call that winning the motherload of cool mom points. My kids are certainly the envy of all their friends on Sunday evenings....

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