Saturday, March 17, 2007

DOD - What's a Mom to do?

With Fr. Joel off teaching seminary class today, I took the whole crew to Wal-Mart - that's two carts, each with a baby and 6 tag-alongs. We were going through the store looking rather large familyish, if ya know what I mean, and Miss. ADD was being particularly troublesome either wandering off in the wrong direction or forgetting to move anywhere and so I was rather preoccupied with her while David, the 2 1/2 yo, was running about being basically good in a twoish sort of way. I headed off to find myself a pregnancy test (don't get excited - these are part of my regular shopping list - see "Why We Let God Plan Our Family") and everyone was sort of milling about me causing a bit of a traffic jam when I looked down and noticed that David was thoughtfully turning over a box in his hands which he'd pulled from the shelf. About this time, a woman came around the corner with her three teens, took in the whole scene and her eye landed on David's box the same time mine did. We both noticed together that he was holding a box of condoms. I sort of sheepishly took them from his hand and replaced them on the shelf all the while grinning at this woman and wondering *what* she was going to say. She chuckled at us, looked at me and exclaimed, "He's trying to say no more brothers and sisters!"

Normally I would have been very offended by that comment but she was so good-natured about it and, really, that one *is* kind of hard to get around gracefully...

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