Sunday, October 29, 2006

Eleven - Ay yi yi!

I'm not sure how we got an 11-year-old in the house but it's official now! Miriam began her birthday celebration with the Von Trapp great-grandchildren at a wonderful concert downtown. The tickets were a gift from Muffy and Granddad and her invited guests were Mom and her godmother, Miss. Sally. It was a delightful time! After a dinner of hot buttered noodles and creamed spinach (seems I remember ordering up something similar for my birtdays, met with equally as much skepticism from my own mom...) we broke out the cake and icecream: It took her four tries and lots of spit to get all those candles out!
Opening presents was fun since Miriam is really easy to please - lots of horses, princesses, candy and new shoes!
Miriam stacked up all her gifts in a nice neat little display as she opened them. Here she's showing off the little princess which we finally convinced her could indeed change her clothes without popping off her head (a misconception long ago cultivated by Brother Ben...).
Daddy and Davey watched in a tired little heap from the corner...
And Nehemiah got his nose picked (see, Mom, I told you Adora fits right in with our family!)

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