Monday, January 27, 2014

Vocational Training

The high school specials get to do these awesome trips about once a month with their vocational transitions advisor called Community Based Instruction (CBI for those in the know).  Today they took a trip to ChickFilA supposedly to get a taste of various jobs they could tackle should they ever be hired by said company.  Sometimes I'm really not sure how helpful the trips are but the debriefing sessions never cease to entertain.

Today Andrea wanted to tell me about it immediately through the door off the bus.  That sweet lady in the picture is named Betsy - just like her sister - that was exciting!  She also had a little stuffed cow bearing a "Eat more Chikin" placard around its neck which she proffered to Zak who was a wee bit hesitant to accept.  Once she unloaded the cow, she donned her official ChickFilA employee paper boat hat and proceeded to tell me what they had for lunch.  Unfortunately her grasp of articulation is a bit…um..impaired.  Ten minutes later I learned that they had eaten waffle fries for lunch.

Yum but, uh, what did you *learn*?

We wear headset.

You wore the headset?


I'm thinking wearing the headset probably involves a pretty good grasp of those articulation skills she just butchered, not to mention, most of the headset wearers I've seen also man…woman…person? the cash register.  Last official report I saw Miriam was still trying to discern a nickel from a quarter.

Miriam!  I moved on to Miriam to see what she had learned on this trip.  When asked about it, she smiled broadly and said

We learned to say Pleasure You.

Pleasure you?

Yes.  Pleasure You.

Just those two words? Just like that?

Yes.  (and here she pronounces it very carefully so as not to possibly be misunderstood a third time) Pleasure You.

Philip was a bit more helpful.  He was also very enthusiastic about wearing the headsets but then went on to describe more practical jobs they had learned, such as clearing tables in the dining room.

Their advisor sent me these on-the-scene pictures.  I really love them and I can just imagine how that would go:

Welcome to ChickFilA how may I pleasure you? And for the love God, please don't order waffle fries!

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