Monday, November 05, 2012

Remember Remember...Again

It now seems to be a well-established tradition that our family celebrate Guy Fawkes Day in spite of absolutely no British ties whatsoever.  What started out as a quirky homeschool assignment has ended up several years later as Family Tradition.  Since we don't celebrate Halloween (and not necessarily for the most obvious reasons - who has time to costume 13 people to go about to strangers' houses and collect candy so full of artificial crapola I would never let them eat it anyway - not that they would want to...but I digress...) - we have taken to adopting this way fun holiday as a prelude to the 6th of November which is Ben's Birthday.

A few days before the 5th the kids all start working on crafting their effigies.  Miriam's is always a hoot.  The first year we celebrated she mistook Fawkes for Fox and created a fox-like being for her effigy.  I'm pretty sure several years later she now gets that he's not really a fox but persists in her animal-like effigy creations anyway.  It's all part of the family culture now.

The morning of the 5th I get up and stuff my pockets full of candy and pennies.  All throughout the day the kids approach me with their faux Fawkes and ask A penny for my Guy? and are given a penny or a treat.  They have until darkness rolls around to collect before we build the bonfire and toss those Guys in there.  Watching them burn is a favorite activity followed by caramel apples and sparklers.  We see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot!

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