Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Homeschool Club Launches Zak's Modeling Career

We took our last homeschool club outing of the school year today to IKEA.  Ben decided it was time to launch Zak's modeling career.  What could be a more perfect place?  

Here we have ExecuZak:

 Cowboy Zak taming the wild moose:

 Beast wrestling Beast in a drawer:

Tea Party:

Mirror Mirror On the wall....

A little tired out after all that:

 The hired help was tired out too:

More Beast wrestling:

A little time for Wardrobe:

The tile didn't quite go with his wardrobe:

John was about done by now:

Of course the unsocialized homeschoolers were acting like perfect ladies and gentlemen:

Chef Zak:

Time for breakfast!

The sink modeling the latest in Zaks:

Have you ever tried to go *against* the arrows?  Very difficult.

And everyone needs a cuppa joe at the end of a long day:

All this AND we won today's game of Race the Bus Home for the last school day of the year.

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Zaira Fadzil said...

adorable kid!