Monday, May 31, 2010


On Saturday David, Nathan and JM all went to a birthday party for our priest's son - Matthew.  Matt had a pirate themed party and each guest got an inflatable sword with their name on it.  At one point in the party, I was sitting next to David on the front porch and talking with Pani Chris - Fr's wife.  She decided to try to round up the swords and get them to their rightful owners.  So she picked up Nathan's sword and handed it to David and said, "Here's your sword honey."  David calmly looked at her and said,  "But that's Nathan's sword."  "Oh, so it is."  So she looked around and handed him John's sword.  "Well, *here's* your sword."  "No," David said, "that's not mine either." Then he patiently looked her in the eye and said, "Pani Chris, it's spelled D-A-V-I-D."

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elizabeth said...

too funny!