Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hunting Down Easter

Another successful and way fun Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt.  We started this tradition last  year and the kids liked it so much we did it again but modified it a bit.  We repeated the idea of picture clues printed out on the printer in black and white but this time they found their baskets along the way instead of all of them in one spot at the end and the boundaries were expanded into some of the neighbors' yards which meant a bit of traipsing up and down the street. We had a couple of mix-ups with climbing the wrong tree due to Hunt Master error and searching the wrong picnic table due to Hunter Reader error. The older ones had a bit more....challenging basket recovery while the younger ones retrieved their baskets early on and made short order of the contents.   


elizabeth said...

Christ is Risen!

Looks like your family had some fun! nice!

HeavenlyHome said...

LOVE Talli's chocolate face!!!