Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mission Field

 Here's the rules to the nerf game we came up with.  I think it's a good game and it worked out really well with two teams of about 10 people on each team.  We called it Mission Field (I'm lovin' how much fun the nerf guns are but still a pacifist at heart so I tried to at least make it *sound* good.)

So there's two teams and each team has a Village Chief.  The chiefs' first job is to choose teams.  From there they are the unofficial leaders of their team and coordinate all decisions and team strategy.  Each team gets a color and each member of the team must wear their color on their arm or their head.  We used strips of blue and white fabric for the two team colors.

Each team then chooses 2 Doctors and a Missionary (see how wholesome this is?!).  These should be your stealthiest players.  All other team members are Villagers.  Letting the other team identify your Doctors and Missionary should be avoided for as long as possible.

The game is played like freeze tag.  Once the game begins each team shoots at the opposing team.  If a player is hit with a dart, they must freeze. (no weenies allowed - if you get hit, take your blow and admit defeat) Once frozen, two things can happen to free them:

1.  They are tagged (by hand - not with a dart) by one of their own Doctors and resume play or
2.  They are tagged (by hand) by the Missionary from the opposing team and now become a Villager for the opposite team.  The Missionarys carry extra colors and issue their team's colors to the converted Villager.

In later attempts at this game we added in the rule that once tagged and unfrozen, the Villagers must touch a team base before resuming play.  This avoided the strategy of having Doctors follow directly behind Villagers and touch them quickly each time they are hit with a dart.  You could also keep extra team colors at the base instead of having the Missionary rather conspicuously carry them around.

The game ends when either all the players from one team have been frozen or converted to the other team.  Once a Doctor or Missionary has been converted to the other team they become Villagers for that team.  Their loss will always be the beginning of the end of the game.
Happy Pelting!


HeavenlyHome said...

WOW!!! Love it!!
Where do we sign up for the Harford Rec team?!?!?

Jennifer Merkel said...

Mary, that is just brilliant! Leave it to you to insert a "redeeming" quality into a Nerf battle! We ought to get up a TORCH battle in the spring! It's so BOY!