Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Turning of the Tide

Miriam celebrated her 14th birthday today. We are, as a household, rapidly moving toward teenagerdom. 2010 will be our big year with 4 of them turning 13 between January and November. There's definitely a shifting of things, a multi-layered dynamic, a maturing and growing happening here. I must say that I find it an interesting place to be - alternating between nursing, potty training, teaching phonics, travel soccer games and dropping kids off at "work". Conversations now range from uni-syllabic utterances to potty humor to the causes and idiosyncrasies of the 30 Years War - sometimes within moments. I am caught in a time warp where I can experience a myriad of ages and periods of development minute by minute. I think it's making me a better mom - certainly one with a lot more perspective on things. At any rate, this post is about Miriam - and wishing her a happy birthday. My little Girly is looking so young lady-ish and is sporting the attitude to match. Here's to the 9 years we've shared with her so far and many, many more to come! Happy Happy Birthday Girly!!

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elizabeth said...

Wow. That would be quite something! Many Years to Miriam!