Thursday, March 12, 2009

John Michael the Diaper Man

JM has a new job. I decided to utilize his love for his baby sister to my gain so I convinced him that helping me wash the cloth diapers was a job fit for a strong and gallant big brother such as he. It's now his job to carry the diaper pail to the laundry room where he helps me dump the diapers in the washer and start it up.

I usally do the washer-dryer transfer and then he pulls them out of the dryer and carries them up to my bed where he folds each one into a pile

Once folded he tosses the diaper covers in the middle of the basket and stacks the diapers up in the side of the basket.

He liked the job even more after I started to take pictures of him doing it but by today he was balking a bit. It's a long walk up two flights of stairs to carry an armful of diapers....even for that gallant (and handsome) brother.


Anonymous said...

Dear John,
You really are a great helper. I loved the pictures of you with a wonderful smile on your face even though you have a tough job. What a big, strong helper you are!!! Love, Muffy

elizabeth said...

what a good job he is doing! that is wonderful! that is very gallant of him!

HeavenlyHome said...

Those chivalrous characteristics and good looks run in the family, I see!

Jeff said...
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